“You are not going out with that boy unless his parents are driving and that's that. I'm not just Spitting Grits here, young lady!”

. . . My father, John Thomas Cravey, USAF, to me in 1956.

No Self Control

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

[2010 05 25_birthdayparty_0014_edited-1[4].jpg]My cousin Emory graciously took photos at Joanna Leigh’s 3rd birthday party, and no amount of trying can keep me from posting some of them.


One Down Two To Go

Two more to go, with Uncle John's help




The best gift of all was that her first cousin, my other granddaughter, who lives some distance away, was able to come, so I have pictures of them together. Joanna Leigh keeps looking at her photo and saying, “Isn’t she cute?”


Isn’t she! Aren't they!

Joanna Leigh spotted had spotted a pink “car” in a newspaper flyer. I cut it out and told her to show Papa. She took it to him and said, “Papa, I want a pick car.”

It did not matter that she didn’t get it for her birthday, because she got something from Uncle John even better – and she can even take it to bed with her.


A pink Dora umbrella. She said,

“This is awesome.”




I think she’s a mini-Valley Girl.


Swing Set_edited-1 If it ain't got that swing





It don't mean a thingJCH and AVH 






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