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Happy Birthday to a New Life

Happy Birthday to Georgia Allison Hickman, brand new daughter of Katie Allison Granju. May she return joy to Katie’s heart.

When I looked at Georgia’s picture in the incubator, it took me back to the night my granddaughter Joanna Leigh was born. Also weighing 5-1/2 pounds, she also had to spend a little while in her incubator. Like Georgia, she looked so tiny to me, and guess what, she is petite – a pipsqueak, I call her.

Petite was new to me. I come from big people and had big babies. But Petite can be fun when you’re buying clothes for a little girl.

Heavy on my mind that night was whether my daughter’s incredible love for this new baby could trump her awful drug addictions. It didn’t; it couldn’t.

The second day, 5 a.m. 5/20/08


It was only two months ago that Katie lost her son Henry to drugs and violence. She has bravely recorded her grief and life since that terrible loss on her popular blog http://mamapundit. Like thousands and thousands of other readers, I have followed her touching accounts. One in particular, dated June 22 on Babble.com, has compelled me to address the issues of guilt, recriminations, hindsight, and how a child’s addictions can smash assumptions about your own family and about raising children. In that post, Katie writes:

Even as all the signs were present that Henry's "experimentation" with drugs was morphing into something far more serious and worrisome, I simply couldn't fully grasp that something as terrible and unpleasant as drug addiction could happen to MY child...to OUR family.

I intend to address this in the following days.


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